Complete Overview of Operating Rooms

CP9xx Overview

Hospital operating rooms are filled with TV Screens, computers, and controls. Medical staff must keep their eyes on multiple monitors at once, and it can be difficult to monitor all of these devices while in a busy operating room. This is why Bender has designed the COMTRAXX® CP9xx to help OR staff keep track of the large variety of devices and controls.

Accessible to Use and Fully Customizable

Some devices come with long manuals that take hours to figure out. In a critical environment like an operating room, every second matters. This is why we have designed the CP9xx to be user-friendly and have simple controls to allow the user to switch lights on or off, control the room temperature, check the level of medical gases, raise or lower blinds, and more. In addition, the CP9xx contains a clock, timer, and alarm. Paired with other Bender devices, the CP9xx will display faults in the electrical system. If that wasn't enough, it is entirely customizable and able to fit the needs of your medical facility.

All information and controls in a single location

All critical information is easily read on the glass touch display. In the event of an error, the staff is not left alone with cryptic codes but informed in an understandable language, stating where the error is and what needs to be done. In this way, nurses and doctors have a quick overview of the state of the entire electrical system in the operating room. If the CP9xx is networked with the entire building technology, the maintenance staff are informed simultaneously. This way, they can respond to the issue quickly.


The CP9xx is more than a simple display device or annunciator panel. In addition to its limitless features, it makes work simpler for staff since it combines functionality with ease of use. Above all, it gives the team the security that there are no errors in the electrical system.

Three reasons why the CP9xx is the product of the future for hospitals:
👍 Quick overview of all essential functions
👍 Simple to operate third-party devices
👍 Communicates with the IT department resulting in a quicker response in the event of an error

For more information about the COMTRAXX® CP9xx, read here. To learn even more about this application or about Bender technology related to your specific application, contact our team of experts.


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