Using the CP9 as Surveillance for your Healthcare Facility

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A better overview of healthcare facilities

There are two kinds of people: Those who hate electronics and those who love electronics. If you're in the latter category, you’ve probably acquired a variety of electronic devices like phones, TVs, computers, stereos, tablets, appliances, and more. Each device functions differently and it can get quite complicated when trying to power everything at once while maintaining safe operation.

In healthcare facilities there are many more electronic devices than only TVs, computers, and the rest of the aforementioned list, and the demand and potential risk of running them safely becomes a much greater challenge. In addition, medical staff needs to be able to keep track of all the safety devices and report it if there is an issue. In this short article you will discover how the COMTRAXX® CP9xx from Bender helps hospital staff simultaneously monitor a wide variety of devices.

Simple operation is important

Nobody likes to read through long instruction manuals. All devices should be easy and intuitive to operate, and the CP9xx fulfils this wish. With this control panel, you can control surgical lights, HVAC systems, medical gases, and much more, all from one location. In addition, the CP9xx features remote capabilities so maintenance staff can be informed of device statuses anywhere, anytime. In conjunction with Bender safety solutions, the device also indicates any and all alarms that your Isolated Power Panel may experience. And best of all, it is very easy to operate!

Information and controls in one place

The touch display contains all important information. If a fault occurs, the staff is not left to read cryptic codes, but is informed in understandable language where the fault is located. In this way, nurses and doctors have a quick overview of the status of the entire electrical system in the operating room, intensive care area, or nurses’ support area. If the CP9xx is networked with the entire building services, the building technician is informed at the same moment. This way, it is already known what is defective on site, enabling a faster reaction.

Why the CP9xx?

The COMTRAXX® CP9xx is more than a simple display unit or control panel. Despite its many features, it makes work easier for staff because it combines great functionality and simple operability. Above all, it gives the staff the certainty that there are no faults in the electrical system.

Top three reasons why COMTRAXX® CP9xx is a solution worth considering:

  1. Quick overview of all important functions
  2. Simple operation, including that of third-party devices
  3. Networking with technical control center and thus faster help in the event of a fault

Next steps

Bender has decades of experience with hospital technology and is ready to support you. For more information about this application or to learn more about Bender technology related to your specific application, contact our team of experts.

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