Avoiding Downtime in Smart Hospitals with the CP9 Touch Control Panel

Image 1: Bender CP924

Avoiding unproductive and unplanned downtime, driving profitability, and increasing safety are all major challenges that hospitals face.

At Bender, we are fully aware of the problems facilities encounter and that is why we develop solutions that can help customers obtain the greatest benefits from their equipment. Storing data, knowing system status, and controlling systems can become a simple process with Bender technology.

The new CP9xx is a product for medical facilities that allow users to have all the information and controls of an operating room in a single device. The solution is designed for medical personnel, but can greatly help with maintenance tasks since it shows the alarms of the isolated electrical system. The visualization is simple through its large, 24-inch capacitive glass touch screen, completely smooth and without frames or screws for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Below are some of the many features available:

  • Clock with automatic Daylight Savings Time change
  • Stopwatch
  • Elapsed time or countdown
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Control and regulation of ambient lighting
  • Control of operating room lights
  • Laminar flow control
  • High/low alarms of medical gases
  • Insulation fault alarm repeater

The CP9xx has been completely developed as a plug & play solution, which makes the start-up process simple. The customization is unlimited to other types of devices and controls since it has 12 digital inputs, a status, reading of equipment with Modbus RTU or TCP protocol, digital and/or analog inputs and outputs, and integration of building management platforms (BMS) via Modbus TCP. It can be easily installed in new or existing applications at a nurses’ station or within the operating room itself. It provides real-time monitoring and configuration of all compatible Bender devices along with further expandability with Modbus RTU protocol. With this, the CP9xx can be used to monitor and control things like HVAC systems, surgical lights, and much more.

Bender provides innovative solutions that will take your medical facility to the next level, allowing you to stay constantly informed via the integrated web server so you can receive notifications to take immediate corrective actions.

For more information about this application or to learn more about Bender technology related to your specific application, contact our team of experts.


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