MarinaGuard®: Empowering Safety, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind in Marine Environments

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In the dynamic world of marine environments, safety, efficiency, and compliance with standards are paramount. People of all ages enjoy swimming in the water surrounding their boats, jumping from the dock into the refreshing bays and lakes. Despite the widespread appeal of boating and swimming, few are aware of the dangers of electric shock drowning. Electric shock drowning (sometimes referred to as ESD) is when a swimmer is exposed to stray electric currents that fatally inhibit their ability to breathe or swim properly resulting in drowning.  Unfortunately, the types of electrical faults that can lead to electric shock drowning are undetectable to human senses until a swimmer is already being shocked.  To make matters even worse, electric shock drowning accidents require different rescue strategies than a typical drowning crisis since rescue swimmers also risk getting shocked, and pulling the victim closer to the nearest dock/boat can often bring them closer to the electrical fault itself.

Enter MarinaGuard®, a product that elevates protection against electrical faults in marine environments. When installed, MarinaGuard stands as a guardian of docks and marinas, shielding against potential unseen dangers that lurk below the surface.  The MarinaGuard continuously monitors electrical circuits, protecting lives and equipment from harm by timely detection of faults and leakages, reducing the risk of electric shock drowning. 


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Empowering safety

In the relentless pursuit of ensuring safety, MarinaGuard is simple yet reliable. Its early warning system orchestrates intervention, prompting timely inspection and maintenance to minimize the risk of accidents. In marine environments, the power supply is tripped when a ground fault is detected, including when a boat is connected to shore power. During a ground fault event, an easily visible alarm is lit to immediately notify anyone nearby. Monitoring capabilities can be provided anywhere from the main feeder to the individual pedestals and vessels. Low-level ground-fault current can be detected, even at the 'let-go' current level. Continuous monitoring with digital metering informs staff and technicians of ground fault issues, assisting in predictive maintenance.

Enhancing operational efficiency

Within the realm of marinas, operational efficiency is incredibly important, dictating success and growth. MarinaGuard unveils a new era of efficiency, rewriting the narrative of streamlined operations. Embracing the power of remote monitoring and control, MarinaGuard liberates marina operators from the shackles of constant manual inspections and tedious on-site visits to maintain a safe environment. Real-time data and diagnostic insights empower proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime, and optimizing resource allocation. 

Fully compliant

Standards and regulations form the foundation for ensuring safety in maritime environments, demanding unwavering adherence for the greater good. MarinaGuard emerges as the embodiment of compliance, surpassing the most stringent international benchmarks for maritime applications. The MarinaGuard panels satisfy the monitoring requirements of NEC Articles 555.35 and 682.15, UL 1053, and CE Code Rule 78-052. By integrating MarinaGuard into their electrical systems, marinas exhibit a steadfast commitment to safety and regulatory excellence. 

Example setup

Designing a marine electrical system can be challenging because the nature of the environment is so prone to leakage currents and constantly changing conditions.  MarinaGuard alarm levels and delay times are adjustable to make it easier for the designer to implement electrical safeguards at the branch and feeder levels while also minimizing nuisance tripping.  The example below implements multiple protection devices that are coordinated to provide maximum safety to people and to make it as easy as possible to locate and fix the root cause of the fault. 

MarinaGuard Drawing


Image 2: MarinaGuard by Bender
Image 2: MarinaGuard by Bender


MarinaGuard by Bender is a revelation within the realm of electrical protection for marine environments. Its purpose —to forge a safer, more efficient, and fully compliant marine landscape. Investing in MarinaGuard makes it easier than ever before to maintain a safe and successful maritime operation.

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