The Current Trend of Data Centers in Mexico

In today's world, it is essential to have secure, cost-effective IT rooms and server centers that offer maximum availability. These centers require a reliable power supply so that problems do not arise. Failures and breakdowns within these IT systems and facilities can be costly. The permanent control of the quality of the electric power source allows any problems to be detected quickly and provides the necessary personnel the ability to tackle them effectively.

Growing trends in Mexico due to the pandemic

Each new year brings with it the advancements of evolving technologies and introductions of new technologies surrounding data centers globally. Among the main trends influencing these developments are the increasing demand for high-performance networks and the increased efficiency of network management.

Due to the changes that businesses have experienced since the pandemic began, companies are moving to the cloud, and this trend will only accelerate in 2022 and beyond, despite what the future climate of Covid-19 looks like. Many companies have found that they need to keep financial, health, and other sensitive data in the private cloud. This creates a critical need for reliable systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The adoption of artificial intelligence will increase

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to power safety and security applications like automatic temperature controls, contactless authorization, payment and control systems, and traffic monitoring.

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are proliferating rapidly as companies try to better manage facilities and their occupants.
The capacity of the data center must continue to grow, but there must also be continuous improvement in its overall efficiency.
The data centers are designed so that IT components work without interruptions and IT availability is guaranteed thanks to the respective redundancies, UPS's, and ring arrangements. Today's data centers must offer high performance, availability and optimal use of resources in a cost-effective way. To guarantee this high availability, in addition to electrical safety, complex components and power systems are used.

Failures, breakdowns, or service interruptions in a data center constitute the worst-case scenario for the operator and those responsible. And even more in the case of reliability levels above 99%, where the annual interruption allowed must be reduced even to a few minutes depending on the TIER.

Comprehensive monitoring of data center facilities is essential

For safe operation, permanent monitoring is essential to ensure a reliable electrical system and messages are sent to a permanent monitoring station, for example, the control center. The electrician will then identify, by means of the corresponding message, the need for action and will be able to avoid damage thanks to precise service measures.

For this reason, it is important to monitor the following:

  • Measurement of the individual phases and the neutral conductor on L1, L2, L3 and N with Bender's PEM technology (full range electrical parameter meters)
  • RCM L + N control sensitive to all currents (on all distribution outputs)
  • Monitoring of the central grounding point with RCM technology (residual current monitors)
  • Integration to a remote monitoring system in real time

Currently in Mexico, companies that have their own data centers as part of their operations that support their information, data collection of their processes, etc., are implementing the monitoring of residual flows as a means of preventing and anticipating failures. The implementation of this monitoring technology increases the reliability of the electrical system that supports a data center, and therefore increases the safety and protection of intellectual properties. Based on trends in recent years, we can conclude that the need for data centers and the electrical safety and monitoring technology that come with data centers will only become more widespread and imperative in the coming years.

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