Case Study: Florida State University Installed Bender HRG System

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Bender worked closely to assist the Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems in acquiring and installing a monitored neutral grounding resistor for future power system research. FSU-CAPS is a research facility that advances technology in power systems used in ship propulsion. End customers are increasingly adopting resistance grounding on new applications, and Bender can offer many different solutions to fit these needs.

What is FSU's CAPS facility?

The CAPS facility is a test center, mainly for navy electrical components. They can produce and consume 5 MW AC and 5 MW DC. The MVDC lab can have 12 kV. They can simulate both supply and load conditions to and from the unit under test. The Bender NGR was installed so that they can simulate an HRG system that is required for upcoming tests. Resistance grounding is gaining popularity and being considered in many applications, including modern electric propulsion systems. Because this is a testing facility, the power system is most often not energized—it is only energized while tests are underway, and any transformer may be a part of a test procedure.

FSU generators and electrical equipment
The Bender NGRM700 installed at FSU

This 5-kV test system was an early NGRM700 installation in the U.S. and used since August 2017. The NGRM700 provides ground-fault protection and neutral-to-ground path health monitoring of both open and shorted conditions, the first of its kind protection. It also offers harmonic analysis on the current and voltage of the neutral grounding resistor.

Florida State University, founded in 1851, is one of the nation’s most elite research universities. FSU currently teaches over 41,000 students. They offer 297-degree programs and have a 93% retention rate for first-year students.

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