Simplified Communications System in a Wastewater Treatment Facility

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For any critical facility such as a wastewater treatment plant that has Bender or other ground-fault detection, the Bender CP907 system can be a valuable tool to maintain the health of the electrical system and promptly send notifications of any faults. In wastewater treatment plants, this system is used with custom visuals to showcase alarms or faults on critical loads and operations at the facility. The customer has a completely custom layout for their plant, based on their needs and their building's layout. They can also edit this layout at any time by connecting to the webserver, requiring no special software.

A Simplified Solution

In a recent instance, Bender's customer was able to eliminate other HMI devices on the front of the MCC by integrating the third-party measurement equipment into the communications system. This allowed the customer to minimize costs and have a single HMI they could rely on for all the relevant information pertaining to the treatment plant.

Simple Monitoring Thanks to a Flexible Communications System

The CP907 communications system also provided this customer with the ability to monitor the system remotely and receive email notifications if there were any alarms or system errors while the maintenance team was not near the electrical equipment. This allows the customer to address the problem as early as possible and avoid any unplanned shutdowns due to ground faults or NGR failures at their facility.

Another key benefit noted by the customer was the ability to monitor trends within the data through the use of dataloggers. This provided them the ability to monitor long-term changes due to any external conditions that were impacting their equipment. For example, any long-term changes or intermittent fluctuations in the NGR resistance reading caused due to environment/weather conditions.

The customer stated that they "truly rely on Bender's communications system and look forward to utilizing additional capabilities of the system as they continue to use it." Additional benefits of the CP907 communications system can be found here.

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Bender's CP907 Communications System

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