Bender Celebrates 75 Years

Walther Hans Bender bringing light to mines in the 1940s

“Prove what you can do by doing it."

This was the motto of Dietrich Christian Bender, son of the inventor of the ISOMETER® and company founder, Walther Hans Bender. This way of thinking guided Dietrich through four decades of management and helped to create the conditions for the company we have come to know as Bender — a company that exemplifies this motto by continuing to grow globally and provide innovative solutions to many key industries.

Our beginnings

In May 1945, after several months of looking for a job and being unsuccessful in finding one, Walther Bender began working from his shed and turned his attention back to his patented idea from 1937 — insulation monitoring for mining applications.

Walther knew working in mines was risky business. Poor circulation of air, low visibility, and low-quality equipment had led to many serious mining accidents over the previous few centuries. In the 1940's, powered tools and electric lights were introduced as a large step forward, but any maintenance still required power to be switched off. Shut down mines meant all work halted, and workers went unpaid for this period of time. 

Thanks to Walther's invention of the world's first insulation monitor, a constant and reliable source of power was always available to keep miners safer and continuously monitor the electrical supply.
From that moment on, Walther initiated a revolution in the field of electrical safety with his insulation monitoring devices and in 1946, he founded Walther Bender GmbH & Co. KG, in Grünberg, Hessen, Germany.

Bender today and the next 75 years

Today, Bender is made up of subsidiaries on 4 continents with nearly 1,100 employees worldwide. We continue to see is as our mission for the future to offer even more innovative and intelligent solutions that enable people and machines around the globe the ability to handle electricity safely.

Mutual respect and acting as a community are indispensable elements of our company values. This also includes assuming social responsibility, which is part of the company’s DNA and reflects the thinking and actions of Walther Bender. To support this mission, in 2021, Bender is supporting the SELAM Children’s Village & Training Center in Ethiopia. The goal is to provide 20 young people with electrical engineering training leading to an accredited vocational qualification. Bender is proud to support this mission and will provide more project details to our internal colleagues and external connections as this initiative progresses.

Further information about the anniversary, including historical posts, Bender’s vision for the future, and exciting news can be found on our LinkedIn page.

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