Easily View Entire Systems with COMTRAXX® COM465


Manually reading device data is both time consuming and an expensive use of an engineer or maintenance manager's time. With Bender's COMTRAXX® COM465, you easily view your entire system via remote access from anywhere in the world. With the appropriate interfaces, you can integrate not only Bender devices, but also third-party devices into your plant monitoring system. The integrated web server provides you with a simple overview of the status of your electrical system on your computer.

Eliminating Complicated Monitoring

Electricians and technicians have a great responsibility of ensuring operations run smoothly. Failure of the electrical installation must be avoided, and faults must be detected as early as possible. Therefore, technicians must regularly check the condition of all electrical equipment. This is often very tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

This task is complicated because all devices must be checked, from machines, to relays, to fuses, and finally, measuring equipment, in the control cabinet. To simplify this process, one can employ an intelligent system monitoring – which is an easier, faster, and cheaper method of checking devices. In this article, you’ll learn how monitoring an electrical system can become child’s play and discover what you need to do it.

Until Now: Laborious, Time-consuming, Expensive

The condition of an electrical installation must be constantly monitored, whether in a factory, hospital, data center, or other high-stakes facility. The systems must run continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The expectation that a knowledgeable technician could be on site all the time is unrealistic and even if they could be, checking system parts for proper functioning and reading measured values in the control cabinets wouldn’t be possible without interrupting the system. Therefore, any faults that occur could remain undetected for a long time, posing a risk to the facility, workers, profits, and more.

What is needed is a modern and clear plant monitoring system that provides a simple and quick overview and also displays faults quickly and reliably. The COMTRAXX® COM465 condition monitor from Bender was developed precisely for this purpose.

Now: Easier and Faster with the COM465 Solution

The COM465 is small in appearance (3.7" x 4.2" x 2.5") but provides tremendous benefits, making it a great addition for any electrical installation that need to be monitored. It collects all available data from both Bender and third-party devices via various interfaces (BCOM, BMS, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP) and prepares them clearly via the built-in web server so that technicians can get a quick and easy overview of the status of the electrical installation at their PC or laptop at any time. As soon as a fault occurs, it is displayed, and the technician is informed immediately. Depending on how much monitoring technology is installed, the technician can even see where exactly the fault occurred.

The COM465 also has built-in memory that can be used to record measurement data. In this way, long-term trends can be identified, and all measurement data from the COM465 can also be recorded via the Bender cloud solution POWERSCOUT®, making it possible to monitor the system from any location.


In Summary - Bender’s Anniversary Gift to You

All of these features make the COM465 an indispensable helper of modern electrical installations. In summary, the COM465 offers:

  • Quick access to device data without complicated and time-consuming reading of measured values at the control cabinet
  • Immediate information about occurring faults
  • Data logger for recording measured values
  • The possibility to detect long-term changes in your system at an early stage
  • Monitoring of both Bender and third-party devices from anywhere in the world with the addition of POWERSCOUT®

Bender is making system monitoring even easier and cheaper for customers. For our 75th anniversary, three additional features (function modules) of the COM465 that were previously subject to a charge will be included free of charge as an anniversary gift. The anniversary software gift is available for those who plan to use a Bender COM465 for the first time, as well as anyone who is already using it.

With the three function modules included you can:

  • Create individual texts for system parts
  • Send e-mail notifications in the event of faults or alarms
  • Set measuring devices via PC or laptop
  • Create virtual measuring points and integrate them into the system

Ready to Learn More?

Time-consuming reading or checking of measuring devices in the control cabinet is no longer necessary. With the COM465, it is easy, fast, and clear. Curious? Find out here or contact our team.


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